Great Heavy Driving School have experienced professional instructors with years of expertise teaching truck and car driving courses. To ensure competency and success, we provide high-quality training resources to supplement our practical courses. You will feel at ease and appreciate the professional coaching approach that has been designed for all of our driving courses.

Our competency-based training for both car and truck driving licenses ensures a high pass rate, which reflects our success.
High Pass Rates
Tailored Courses for Trucks & Machinery.
Identifying and help built on your knowledge.
Assessment checklist to ensure progress and success.
Extensive and up to date course material provided
Ongoing support & assistance available
Why Choose Great Heavy Driving School?
Industry Experts - Great Heavy Driving School is operated by industry experts with a strong affiliation with driving as a career.
Serving Diverse Community - We serve a diverse multicultural community, and take pleasure in providing high-quality service, offering value for money and results unrivalled across Brisbane.
Building Confidence - Our goal is to help you pass your chosen driving category quickly, safely, and with confidence that transcends onto the roads or work environment, as part of our dedication to helping every customer flourish in their driving career.
Extensive Experience - Great Heavy Driving School offers more than 12 years’ of experience in an education, training and active listening environment. For practical lessons, our judgement and decision-making are unrivalled. We give quality training materials to supplement practical lessons leading to your success, in addition to driving lessons and training for a variety of licences and credentials.
Adding Value - Our goal is to provide you with good value for money. We provide one-time sessions as well as intense training programs to help you develop your skills and advance in your career faster. We value our relationships and offer ongoing training and professional advice at no extra charge.
We excel in:
Proven customer service experience
A high pass rate has been demonstrated as a sign of success
Friendly, professional demeanour that puts customers at ease
Over 2000 passes since 2014
Practical training to complement theory
Milestone markers to indicate success
Customised pricing programs to help reach personal and professional goals

To find out more about Licenses/Courses with Great Heavy Driving School, call 0450 673 385 today!