Runaway ramps Runaway ramps are provided for trucks whose brakes have failed. From the comments section - Don Wills2 days ago Correct low gear selection at the top, Horton fan engaged, (½ a gear of retardation), Jacobs brake on and you should never have...

Driving Around Trucks

Photo courtesy Stencil We are grateful to Len Dubois Trucking for giving us permission to share this article with our readers. The full article can be read by clicking this link What we have provided below are only a few paragraphs from the...

Acquiring Professionalism

To be successful at work, you have to acquire a professional mindset. What is Mindset Sources of Insight, in their article What is Mindset? say, Mndset is - "A way of thinking. In a word, a mental inclination or...

The Connected Truck

In their article, Decoding connected cars, connected fleets and connected vehicles, Verizon Connect says - "What is a connected vehicle? Any vehicle with an internet connection is considered a "connected vehicle." But for a car, truck or van to truly function as a...

Truck Driver Etiquette

Definition of etiquette - Merriam-Webster dictionary defines etiquette as "the conduct or procedure required by good breeding or prescribed by authority to be observed in social or official life." The Importance of Etiquette - The Importance of Etiquette - In their...



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