Car Licence

Get a Car Licence – Auto or Manual with our specialised driving lessons.


C Class - Car driving lessons in Brisbane and surrounding areas.


Both Auto and Manual Car lessons are offered.


With flexible lesson schedules and competitive price.

Pre-requisites & requirements

  • At least 16 years old and have a valid Learner (L) licence, which can be obtained after you pass your written road rules test. How to apply for Car Learner Licence?
  • If you are under 25 years, you will need to complete 100 hours of driving experience before you sit the practical test. You need to record your driving experience in a Learner LogBook.

Why Choose Us?

  • Great Heavy Driving School have been providing Car lesson since 2014 with a high passing rate.
  • We have qualified instructors who are
    exceptional trainers with excellent
    communication skills.
  • Safety and the wellbeing of our trainees are our upmost priority.
  • We cater for all levels of Car driving trainees, from beginners to experienced students; to ensure success in passing your practical driving test.

Automatic and manual car licences – prices start from just $50

Learning to drive a car is the first real taste of freedom in your life and your chosen career.

It can be nerve-wracking learning to drive on the road, so our custom-made learner cars combined with the patient, knowledgeable instructors will remove any anxiety to build confidence and help you pass your test the first time.

If you’re under 25, you’re required to complete 100 hours of driving before you sit the driving test. Every hour with Great Heavy Driving School counts as three hours for your logbook and helps you avoid picking up bad habits from unqualified instructors giving you more chance to pass the first time.

If you’re 16 or over and have a valid learner (L) licence, you can apply for lessons with us today.

Why choose Great Heavy Driving School?


Flexible lesson schedules


Competitive pricing


Calm environment to accelerate learning


High pass rate since 2014


Excellent communication skills


Commitment to safety and wellbeing


Driving lessons to suit all abilities


Excellent local knowledge of Brisbane and surrounds

Great Heavy Driving School has been serving the Brisbane community since 2014. To find out how our experienced team can help you attain an automatic or manual car licence, call 0450 673 385 today.

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