Important tips to remember when driving a truck.

Always follow the below tips, and ensure you arrive at your journey’s end safe and sound.


Always Plan Your Day

Remember  – if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Planning is one of the most important skills of a truck driver.

This should include:
i) Plan your entire route.
ii) Keep in mind weight restrictions and low bridges.
iii) Plan your rest and refueling stops.

By planning your trip, you reduce the chances of something going wrong on your trip.

We strongly suggest that you use available apps for your planning.

Before You Start Your Truck

Always make sure you complete your vehicle checks every day. And always, record the results of your checks.


Check Height of Your Truck

Make it a habit to check the height of your truck. Nothing could be worse than driving into a low bridge. Make sure that the trailer is properly connected and the suspension is at normal ride height.


When Turning Right

When turning right, make sure there is enough room for the tail to swing-out.

Plan Your Break Time

Always plan your break time. When you are a new driver, it can be a strain on you, mentally. If you are feeling tired, pull over and get some rest. Always have a bottle of water with you all the time.

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